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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Available now from Resplendence Publishing:

Tuttle’s House of Horror

Here is a blurb:

Tyler Duke has a plan. With the help of his closest friends, he will open the doors to the infamous Tuttle House on Halloween and provide a weekend of thrills and chills for curiosity seekers. Why is the house infamous? It was the sight of the largest mass murder in the history of Northeastern Oklahoma.

If all goes well, they’ll earn enough money to spend spring break in Cancun, but unbeknownst to them, someone has taken up residence in the old mansion and he has a plan of his own. Bobo hopes the weekend brings people in droves. Nothing would make this twisted clown happier than to put gaping smiles under the faces of the house’s patrons. If he can just maintain control of his inner demon until the grand opening, it will be his greatest achievement, a night so brutal even the Fallen will take notice.

Will Tyler and his friends discover the killer in their midst before it’s too late or will they become the main attraction in Tuttle’s House of Horror.

Pick up a copy today.


At 10:15 AM, Blogger Akelamalu said...

I love the title and the contents sound gripping!

At 4:20 AM, Blogger Mona said...

Halloween special? Apt timing! :)

At 9:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations and welcome back!

At 4:45 PM, Blogger Maddie James said...

Hi James. Can't wait to read this one!


At 8:51 PM, Blogger Donnetta Lee said...

Hi, James! Have been missing you lately. This sounds really creepy. Clowns scare me to death anyway.

You must be over the crud for some time now. I think you sent it up to Edmond as I have had it for 3 weeks! Feeling much better now, though.

Good to see you this evening. D

At 5:44 AM, Blogger Breazy said...

Congratulations! It is good to come over and finally see a post, I was beginning to worry about you and your family.

We are good around here, we are about to get football wrapped up and I am excited about that because we will have extra.

It really is good to see you blogging again and to know that you are okay. :)


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