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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Movie Review: Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil: Extinction is a great zombie movie. The special effects are outstanding, the action top notch and the plot acceptably campy. This was a fun movie that didn’t try to take itself to seriously.


The second sequel to the $100 million hit, "Resident Evil: Extinction" is again based on the wildly popular video game series and picks up where the last film left off. Alice (Milla Jovovich), now in hiding in the Nevada desert, once again joins forces with Carlos Oliveira (Oded Fehr) and L.J. (Mike Epps), along with new survivors Claire (Ali Larter), K-Mart (Spencer Locke ) and Nurse Betty (Ashanti) to try to eliminate the deadly virus that threatens to make every human being undead... and to seek justice. Since being captured by the Umbrella Corporation, Alice has been subjected to biogenic experimentation and becomes genetically altered, with super-human strengths, senses and dexterity. These skills, and more, will be needed if anyone is to remain alive.

I recommend this movie to zombie lovers and anyone who appreciates gratutious blood and gore. You won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars



At 5:17 AM, Blogger lime said...

ok, so it has gratuitous blood and gore. does it have a big show stopping song and dance routine? a sweet romance? some great philosophical truth? no? sigh, what are zombie movies coming to these days?

At 5:52 AM, Blogger James Goodman-Horror Writer said...

I tell you the whole industry has went to pot. :D


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