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Friday, September 21, 2007

Killing Me...

There is a bar that is less than a couple of blocks away from where I stay. It’s called Whiskey Dick’s and it is slowly killing me. It is the kindness that is blowing me away. I’ve stopped in for a pint on several occasions since I arrived in Denver (well, technically I’m staying in Thornton, but you know what I mean). Each and every time results in my making new acquaintances, several with the high potential of becoming friends.

How is that killing me you might ask? Apparently, it is an accepted custom here to buy drinks and a few requisite shots when welcoming a new friend into the fold. That’s an extremely nice gesture, but going from around 700 ft elevation to a mile high, turns one’s alcohol tolerance into a fuzzy memory. Yes, I’ve been here for nearly three weeks, but I’m still a very cheap date. Much more than two or three drinks (and the requisite shot) and I have to go lay down.
I think, I need to strike up a deal with the bartenders where when I give them the signal, they substitute my alcohol for a soda or some other non-alcoholic beverage.

On, the plus side, I slept like a rock for almost the entire night last night. Totally not worth it though. I woke up this morning feeling like I drank an entire bottle of Bacardi, instead of the few drinks I did imbibe. In my book, I’d rather wake up groggy than hungover, especially when I have to go to work. That shant happen again.
I want to take a minute to tell you about a regular at ol’ Dick’s. He is a very interesting character and has made such an impression on me, I feel the overwhelming need to put him in one of my books. I’ll qualify the following observations with the statement; the guy really does seem hamless. He obviously suffers from an acute mental disorder. He doesn’t have herky jerky motions of your average tweeker, but he does have several tics that dominate his facial expressions. His eyelids flutter, but never at the same time. You’ll look his way one time and his right eye will blink at a thousand revolutions per minute, but his left will be rock steady and more often than not staring at a random patron that caught his interest. When you glance at him next, it’s now his left that’s batting wildly and his right eye is locked on you.

Intrigued by his strange mannerism, I struck up a conversation. It quickly became one-sided as he unleashed a volley of thoughts as quick as they surfaced in his mind. All I could do was nod as he switched topics mid sentence. He covered government conspiracies, organ theft, postmen that stake out his house, his family who is rich but give him more trouble than support, the hidden cameras on every structure erected in Denver in the last ten years, being threatened with his own .50 cal when he was a gunner on a cobra helicopter back in ‘nam, to the conspiracy to let teenagers do work that he should be paid to do.

There were several other things covered here, but I’ve shortened the list for the semblance of brevity. The only indication you had that there was about to be a subject change was the inevitable “Uh”. I intend to study him a bit more to make sure I can actually turn him into a believable character.

So, have you ever met anyone that you thought could easily be institutionalized?



At 1:35 PM, Blogger Angie said...

I was riding a bus to see a friend in another state once (freaks ride buses, I learned this) and ended up sitting next to a young man who insisted on showing me his collection of poetry - all of which he'd written himself. Pretty demented stuff. I remember something about a severed head in a refrigerator... the rest my mind dumped in a self-preservation effort.

He also continually reminded me that if I ever decided to hop a freight train to go somewhere, I needed to take water because you never know when it's going to stop or where you'll be when you jump off. I finally told him it was not likely that I'd ever adopt the lifestyle of a hobo, and immediately regretted saying it, as I then was treated to an angry 20-minute dissertation defending the hobo way of life.

At 6:37 AM, Blogger lime said...

to answer your question to me in the comments of the last post...i'll be in the san antonio area next month.

to answer this question. and emphatic yes!actually i've worked in various institutional situations in the past and two of our previous neighborhoods had group homes/halfway houses in them. and as for the conspiracy theorists....i know one who is quite sane, not institutional material at all, but who was a constant fount of 'information' he felt i really needed to know. interesting characters all.


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