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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Book Meme

Carrie tagged me with this meme.
1. A book that changed your life. The Prince by Machiavelli. After reading this book, I never looked at the government or my fellow man the same. Trust no one. Show me a smile, give me a kind word and I’ll wonder where you’re hiding the knife. Okay, I grew out of most of that mistrust, but for a ten year old, that book was really scary.

2. A book you’ve read more than once. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. This is a strange choice for me because it is so far out of my genre, but there is something about it that just keeps bringing me back.

3. A book you’d want on a desert island. SH 21-76 United States Army Ranger Handbook. I can’t think of a better book to pass that kind of time with.

4. A book that made you giddy. Heroes in Hell by Janet Morris and Gregory Benford. This book was just good clean fun.

5. A book you wish had been written. The human brain unveiled: Find the secrets that scientists discovered when they finally mapped out Mother Nature’s most powerful computer.

6. A book that wracked you with sobs. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. I cried when I realized how many pages of purple prose I would have to sift through to get to what otherwise would have been a fairly good story.

7. A book you wish had never been written. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Some secrets are better left untold. Let only the truly charismatic survive (this is a joke by the way).

8. A book you are currently reading. Skin Tight by Carl Hiaassen. This is a surprisingly good book. It a fairly old book, but I’m just now getting around to reading it.

9. A book you’ve been meaning to read. Pale Immortal by Anne Frasier. I’m going to read it in the near future.

10. Tag. I won’t tag anyone, but if you want to play along, let me know so I can read your answers.


At 5:13 AM, Blogger Bernita said...

So you got nailed with this one too, James.
I won a copy of Pale Immortal (lovely title) and can't wait for it to arrive.

At 6:16 AM, Blogger James Goodman said...

yeah, but this one seems kind of fun, Bernita. Congrats on winning PI. I can't wait to read it.

At 6:46 AM, Blogger lime said...

aha, i did this one a while ago but it was terrific to see your responses!

At 6:51 AM, Blogger James Goodman said...

Yeah, I remember, Lime. I ducked it last time, but Carrie called me out by name so I had know choice but to oblige. :D

At 10:52 AM, Blogger Carrie said...

Thank you James. I like to see what men read. Now I have a new list of titles to check out but probably the one that intrigues me the most is The Prince.

At 11:08 AM, Blogger James Goodman said...

No problem, Carrie. The Prince is a political how to book and wow...it will definately make you think.

At 10:18 AM, Blogger Ballpoint Wren said...

Not many guys I know have read The Prince. They might have read "The Art of War but never The Prince.

I developed a strong distrust of everyone when I started watching Mission Impossible as a kid. I refused to believe anybody for about a year!

At 12:39 PM, Blogger James Goodman said...

I've read "The Art of War" also. In a strange twist of fate, "The Prince" would resurface later in my life. When I was given my first command in the Army, My Platoon Sergeant gave me a copy of The Prince and Dale Carnegie's How to win friends and influence to me. He said read them both, apply a little of each but never too much of either and i would make a fine leader. lol.


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