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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Con! Con! Con!

Ok people, mark your calendars, buy your plane tickets, reserve your rooms…it’s time for Conestoga. It will be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma from July 28th through the 30th. It’s a great con and a grand time. Check out some of the guests:

• Bill Allen
• David Lee Anderson
• Lou Antonelli
• Margene Bahm
• Paul Batteiger
• Marty Belsky
• Maggie Bonham
• Peter Bradley
• Robert D. Brown
• Taylor Brown
• Warren Brown
• james k. burk
• Glen Cook
• Richard Cox
• Sherri Dean
• Bradley Denton
• Larry Dixon
• Linda Donahue
• William R. Eakin
• Suzette Haden Elgin
• Rhonda Eudaly
• Randy Farran
• Melanie Fletcher
• James Fowler
• Melea Fowler
• Tony Frazier
• Tim Frayser
• Amanda A. Gannon
• John Gibbons
• Bennie Grezlik
• Talia Gryphon
• Beverly Hale
• Nikki Hartline
• Lance Hawvermale
• Carol Hightshoe
• James P Hogan
• James Hollaman
• Gary Jonas
• John Kaufman
• Lee Killough
• Katharine Eliska Kimbriel
• Mercedes Lackey
• Alexis Glynn Latner
• Deborah LeBlanc
• William Ledbetter
• Greg Lower
• Julia S. Mandala
• Shay Marion
• Lee Martindale
• Deborah Millitello
• Jim Murray
• Paula Helm Murray
• Jody Lynn Nye
• Cary Osborne
• Stephen Pagel
• Dana Pattillo
• K. Hutson Price
• Dusty Rainbolt
• M.T. Reiten
• The Royal Gauntlet
• Charles Sasser
• Susan Satterfield
• Mark Shepherd
• Rie Sheridan
• Bradley H. Sinor
• Susan P. Sinor
• Glenn R. Sixbury
• Dave Smeds
• Frank A. Smith
• Caroline Spector
• Keith Stokes
• Mel Tatum
• The Twisted Blades
• Laura J. Underwood
• Martin (T.M.) Wagner
• Steven Wedel
• Martha Wells
• K.D. Wentworth
• Craig Wolf
• Janny Wurts

I mean, come on, if that’s not enough to entice you, perhaps a few highlights will sweeten the pot.

Bubbas of the Apocalypse Pot Luck Social:
Friday night in the Con Suite, Yard Dog Press will throw a bash to celebrate its 10th Anniversary. Come be the judges of the cooking contest! Each entrant has supplied a dish and a story explaining the origins of the dish. Each person will be handed a ballot as they walk in the door and will vote for best dish and best story. The winner of “best dish” gets the one and only BOTA cook book. Winner of “Best story” gets their chapbook published by YDP! For more details, see the 101010 writing contest entry on this website.
Twisted Blades: School of Stage Combat:
Conestoga traditionally includes a fencing demo and/or workshop. This year we’re proud to feature first time presenters, Twisted Blades, from the School of Stage Combat. They’ll be in Main Programming Saturday morning from 9:00-11:00.
Intro to Beaded Jewelry Workshop:
Interested in learning how to make your own earrings, necklaces and bracelets? Back by popular demand for a second year, and expanded to two hours, this workshop will teach you the basics. Materials and tools provided. Saturday morning 10:00-12:00.
Portfolio Review:
Artist Guest of Honor Don Maitz and noted writer/artist Janny Wurts will talk to artists about how to present themselves and their work. Bring your portfolio! Saturday 11:00 a.m.
Royal Gauntlet Educational Birds Of Prey Program and Charity Auction:
The Royal Gauntlet is a mainstay of Conestoga programming. Come learn about these magnificient birds. We’ve designated this rehabilitation center as this year’s charity, so we will weave the charity auction and the talk together. Saturday from Noon-2:00 pm will be the main event with both live and silent auctions. Sunday at 10:00 am will be a second chance to see them and take part in a silent auction.
Story Illustration Workshop
Interested in the process of illustrating a story from the blank page to the finished product? Don Maitz and David Lee Anderson lead this hands on workshop. The story and drawing materials will be provided. Saturday 2:00-4:00 pm
Yard Dog Press Traveling Road Show
Two hours of fun, entertainment and readings featuring the talents of the YDP writers and interpretive dancers. Saturday 3:00-5:00 pm
Conestoga International Film Festival
Saturday 5:00-6:30 pm. What will this year’s entries be like? Come see for yourself!
Art Auction
Always a don’t miss event capping our wonderful art show! Saturday 7:00-8:30 pm
Masquerade and Play
The ever popular Penguin Playhouse with this year’s movie spoof. But first, Ravenar with its belly dance celebrating 101010 and our masquerade. We’ll also announce the winners of the Film Festival and the Bad Metaphor Contests. The Penguin Playhouse has announced the name of this year’s venture. They are doing A NIGHT AT THE SPACE OPERA, commemorating the 50th anniversary of FORBIDDEN PLANET, though they’ll also be having fun with other classic science fiction movies (read: all the movies they never got to spoof), and space opera in general. Will Mal and Jayne show up? At this point, even the writers don’t know. Saturday 9:00 pm
Bad Metaphor contest
Come prepared with bad metaphors and similes! Index cards, pens, and the entry box will be available until Saturday at 4:00 pm
In Memoriam
SF has lost several writers, editors and fans over the past year, including Octavia Butler and Jim Baen. Our panelists will pay tribute to and remember those we’ve lost. Saturday at 5:00 pm
Meisha Merlin Anniversary Party
After the Masquerade and Play Saturday night, Meisha Merlin takes over the Con Suite for its 10th Anniversary Bash
Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense Workshop
Suzette Haden Elgin leads participants through this wonderful system for dealing with bullies without becoming one. Sunday 10:00 am to noon.
Conestoga 11 Preview
A new feature of programming this year is our “preview” panel, giving you a glimpse of what you can expect at the next Conestoga. In an effort to top Conestoga 10, we’ve lined up for Conestoga 11 our Guest of Honor Laurell K. Hamilton, Toastmistress (and back by popular demand) Elizabeth Moon, and Artist Guest of Honor John Picacio. Sunday at 2:00 pm
RPS Finals and Awards Ceremony
Yes, we’re hosting a sanctioned Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament! Sunday 3:00 pm
Reading Samplers:
You will notice that the reading room has been taken over by things called “Samplers.” Attendance at readings has sagged over the last few years, and we’ve decided to try something new. Instead of organizing readings around the author, we want to organize around subgenres. So someone who likes alternate history, for example, can find a new author or a new story to read. These will be 3 authors per panel, strictly limited to 15 min each. Keep in mind that these are “teasers” to get readers interested in new authors. Once the schedule is finalized, each Reading Sampler will be assigned a topic such as “humorous fantasy,” “space opera,” etc. We hope you enjoy it!

I hope to see you there!


At 6:41 AM, Blogger lime said...

it sounds like it will be a great time. have fun and give us a report :D

At 8:41 AM, Blogger snavy said...

Have a blast!!

At 8:56 AM, Blogger James Goodman said...

I'll do my best to oblige you both! :D

At 1:14 PM, Blogger M.E Ellis said...

Blimey. Not heard of this con thing or any of those on the list.



At 1:26 PM, Blogger James Goodman said...

lol, well...that is one of the reasons for the con, a good opportunity to find writers you haven't heard of yet. :D

Might be a bit of a distance for you to make though... :D


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