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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Flirting with Disaster

Well, the proverbial flood gates are open. I’m hammering away at the new novel. I’ve been working on the edits for my short story, The New Kid. As if that weren’t enough, I’ve been toying around with another short story idea.

I have to be as productive as I can now, cause you know…summer’s here. I’ve already got the wakeboard out and ready. The camping gear has been checked, sorted and stacked for easy loading. The boat, well it’s been wet and is raring to churn some waves. That’s right, boys and girls, it’s lake season.

My output takes a serious hit in the summer months. I know, I know…I’m a writer. I should be writing, but by dog, I do like the great outdoors when it’s warm out. Don’t worry, I’ll still manage to get at least a dozen chapters finished this summer (which is probably what I will punch out in the month of September alone) and maybe a short story or two, but I will be shocked if I produce much more than that. Of course, if I had a deadline, I would do whatever it takes to make sure I made it, but as it is…

Yeah, I’m also willing to go so far as to say if a certain major publishing house decides they are indeed going to pick up one or more of my novels, my plans may change. Barring that, it’s time for some fun in the sun.

How about you? Is there a time of year that your just not as productive, be it with a job, a hobby, a passion or a way of life?


At 5:51 AM, Blogger lime said...

writer or not you can't spend the whole summer indoors. glad to know you'll be enjoying the season.

i become more or less productive in different areas at different times. i get more reading done while the kids are at school. i clean a lot more while they are on summer break but oddly, the place looks less clean, hahaaha.

usually summer can be a little more creative because there seems to be less running around. this summer will be weird though with physical therapy 3x/week and not being allowed to drive.

At 10:22 AM, Blogger James Goodman said...

Ouch, yeah the PT could definately cut into the summer fun. Hopefully, you'll still manage to squeeze a little of the good stuff in there though. :D

At 3:31 AM, Blogger Bernita said...

You need the healthy re-charge you get from the wind and the waves, James.
Writing is not supposed to be slavery.

At 4:48 AM, Blogger James Goodman said...

Well said, Bernita! :D

At 7:14 AM, Blogger For The Trees said...

WAIT!! "Writing is not supposed to be slavery???" WTF??? Don't tell my Muse that!! Bitch wants my ass on this keyboard each and every day of the year!! Especially now that I'm sneaking up on a vestige of normalcy, since I got the new meds dose!!

Damn! Not slavery! What a Concept!

It won't fly in Central Texas. Not with MY Muse.

At 5:45 AM, Blogger James Goodman said...

Lol, mine seems to be quite liberal and at least a little accommodating.


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