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Friday, March 31, 2006

Book Review: This is My Blood

I just finished reading This is My Blood by David Niall Wilson.

This is a great story. It chronicles the birth of the vampire from a very unique angle, the temptation of the Christ. It takes place in the time that Jesus walked the earth and yes the religious references are plentiful. Don’t worry though, the experience is nothing like sitting in church and reading the bible. Maybe more akin to being in the basement of a church on a Tuesday night, scanning the dusty bookshelves. You select a book, cough as you disturb its resting place. The light from your flashlight bounces as you hold it between your cheek and shoulder. Your journey begins. You discover Christianity’s dirty little secrets and you are…entertained.

I appeal to the devout among you not to fall upon this book in a rage, calling blasphemy at the mere mention of the Christ in a vampire story. Mr. Wilson does your Lord no disrespect in this story. If anything, he supports the image of Christ as the true son of God.

I appeal to the heathens among you not to fall upon this book with the clucking of your tongues, calling Zealot at any story where the life of Christ is threaded into the plot. If he had created a fictional messiah on a fictional planet, this story would still be as powerful.

Yes, the story is about the first vampire, but I wouldn’t call it a horror story. Are there horrific elements in it? Of course there is, but no more so than you would find in say Lord of the Flies or well…The Bible.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys delving into the mystery of human nature and the forces that drive us.

Rating: 4 stars.


At 9:30 AM, Blogger Breazy said...

Sounds like a really good book. Some people just get to edgy when it comes to God and this is coming from a christian . Thanks for the review! Have a good weekend!

At 10:46 AM, Blogger James Goodman said...

You have a good weekend too, Breazy.

At 11:52 AM, Blogger lime said...

thanks for the calls to both sides not to have a freak out over the book. it sounds really interesting. dare i say you may be slowly 'converting' me to the whole vampire genre which is really pretty funny because i am such a nonfiction geek.

'love doing it with snavy' still snickering at that one!

At 12:26 PM, Blogger James Goodman said...

I'm still snickering too. :D

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