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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Sinfully yours...

It was a dark night; the kind of dark the seeps under your skin and crawls toward your lungs. I toyed with the lights on my beater, but the darkness refused to budge. I was keeping it under the speed limit, anything less could get you noticed. In a town like this, it doesn’t pay to get noticed. Besides, I had more important business to worry about. I was on a mission. Word on the street was that there was something different out there. Something that was new and old all at once. Something dark and twisted, but if you scratched the surface you could still see the beauty that lay underneath. I was going to get it. I was going to make it mine and when I did…they were going to make me pay. I paid and paid gladly, flopping down a whopping $19.94. That’s just chump change if it give a chump like me the opportunity to own the Frank Miller classic: Sin City.

I can’t say enough good things about this movie. It is shot in black and white, but they have elected to color to highlight important objects in a given scene, eye-color, hair color, blood, disease, etc. The overall effect is that you still have the same flash image feel that you would have if you were reading one of his graphic novels.

Sin City is a must see. Rent it, own it, watch it, love it and watch it again.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Next "Best" Thing

Introducing the new Bio-Optic Organized Knowledge device, trade-named BOOK.

BOOK is a revolutionary breakthrough in technology: no wires, no electric circuits, no batteries, nothing to be connected or switched on. It's so easy to use, even a child can operate it.

Compact and portable, it can be used anywhere-even sitting in an armchair by the fire-yet it is powerful enough to hold as much information as a CD-ROM disc.

Here's how it works:

BOOK is constructed of sequentially numbered sheets of paper (recyclable), each capable of holding thousands of bits of information.

The pages are locked together with a custom-fit device called a binder, which keeps the sheets in their correct sequence.

Opaque Paper Technology (OPT) allows manufacturers to use both sides of the sheet, doubling the information density and cutting costs.

Experts are divided on the prospects for further increases in information density; for now, BOOKS with more information simply use more pages.

Each sheet is scanned optically, registering information directly into your brain. A flick of the finger takes you to the next sheet.

BOOK may be taken up at any time and used merely by opening it.

BOOK never crashes or requires rebooting, though like other display devices it can become unusable if dropped overboard. The "browse" feature allows you to move instantly to any sheet, and move forward or backward as you wish.

Many come with an "index" feature, which pinpoints the exact location of any selected information for instant retrieval.

An optional "BOOKmark" accessory allows you to open BOOK to the exact place you left it in a previous session-even if the BOOK has been closed. BOOKmarks fit universal design standards; thus, a single BOOKmark can be used in BOOKs by various manufacturers. Conversely, numerous BOOK markers can be used in a single BOOK if the user wants to store numerous views at once.

The number is limited only by the number of pages in the BOOK.

You can also make personal notes next to BOOK text entries with an optional programming tool, the Portable Erasable Nib Cryptic Intercommunication Language Stylus (PENCILS).

Portable, durable, and affordable, BOOK is being hailed as a precursor of a new entertainment wave.

BOOK's appeal seems so certain that thousands of content creators have committed to the platform and investors are reportedly flocking to invest. Look for a flood of new titles soon.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Contest Update

My readers are the greatest in the entire world. Just look at some of the creative slogans they have come up with for the contest. This is just the top 20, so if you don’t see yours here...sorry it didn’t make the cut. Now that you see what you are up against, I bet you can totally “wow” me.

1. "What's your Fantasy?"
2. "Dare to be Scared"
3. “It could save your life…”
4. "Got blood?"
5. “A Vamps gotta eat, right?”
6. “Books, blogs, and bad intentions.”
7. "Who farted?"
8. “Goody's World will do your imagination a world of good.”
9. “The blog that keeps you coming back.”
10. “The home of Drums, Drama and Drivel.”
11. “Save the drama for your blog.”
12. “Where the men are men and the sheep have fangs.”
13. “You’re not the only thing that goes bump in the night.”
14. “Better than your average Porn Site.”
15. “When you have absolutely nothing else to read.”
16. “Blood…it’s what’s for dinner.”
17. “People, the other white meat.”
18. “Grab life by the jugular.”
19. “Dark minds think alike.”
20. “Nunne’hi...to be one, ask one.”

If you do see your slogan on the list, don’t be upset if you aren’t in the #1 position, I just compiled the list in the order that I came across them in my inbox. The list is in no way indicative of whose quote is in the lead right now. Remember, you still have until September 9th so take your time.

Friday, August 26, 2005

The Mothership has landed...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Release of Peeps

Wow, check out this pic that Scott Westerfeld has on his blog.

Is that not one of the most disturbing yet tantalizing images you have ever seen?

Yes, this is the day that Peeps bares its fangs. Yes, I said fangs; Mr. Westerfeld has put a new spin on vampires. He treats vampirism as a parasite. Once someone has been infected they become parasite positive, hence Peeps. I read on his blog that the original title was Single White Parasite, but was change at the suggestion of the editor. Sadly, I kind of dug SFP, but then what do I know?

Please visit his blog for more details or you can visit just for the sheer entertainment of it. You’ll notice that I have him in my blogroll and yes, I visit his blog often. Drop by and give him a big ol’ congrats on his latest release.

If you get a chance, pick up a copy…I know I will.

Google Me, Baby!!!!!

I am taking a page out of the John Scalzi book of technological advancement (You thought I was going to say Old Man’s War or Agent to the Stars when you saw book, didn’t you). I have downloaded Google Talk. It is an Instant Messenger from…well, Google. These people are going to take over the world. They have so many beta programs floating around, it makes you wonder how they made the leap from search engine to…everything that has to do with software.

I haven’t used an IM in years. I had an ICQ account about five years ago, but I haven’t used one since. I figure I will give this a try, at least for awhile. If I don’t like it, I can always cancel it later, not strings attached.

I will be using jgoodman71@gmail.com for my contact info. Feel free to add me to your contacts list.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

More Ammo for the Contest

Ok, it has been brought to my attention, that I have revealed very little about my new book Drums of the Nunne’hi. Sure, I have the teaser and what not, but it isn’t enough to get a real feel for the book. So, without further ado, I give you the first chapter. I hope you like it.

September 23rd, 1997
“Tommy, get up! We gotta keep moving, man,” Josh shouted over his shoulder to his fallen friend.

Tommy lay writhing on the ground, grasping his ankle and trying with all his might not to scream. The moon was out, but it wasn’t enough light to keep him from stepping in the hole as they ran for the tree line. At six foot, two hundred pounds it didn’t take much for his ankle to buckle from his momentum.

“Son of bitch, it hurts. I think it’s broken,” he panted as he rolled over onto his knees and tried to move it around.
“It’s probably just sprained. Give me your hand,” Josh offered, casting quick glances behind them. “We can’t stay out in the open like this. I don’t know if anyone else seen us make it out of there.”

Tommy tried shifting his weight to the left side enough to enable him to walk. It only took him a couple of steps to realize that he wasn’t going to be able to do it alone. He shot a quick look back the way they had came and turned his attention to how far they still had to travel before they could reach the safety of the trees.

“Josh, I am going to…,” he began, hopping on one foot.
“Quiet. Do you hear that?” Josh held up his hand as he cocked his head to one side.
Only the creaking sound of the leather in his letterman’s jacket could be heard on the night air.
“I don’t hear anything,” Tommy replied in confusion, looking behind them for signs of pursuit.
“That’s exactly my point! I don’t hear anything; no crickets, no birds, there isn’t even any wind blowing through the grass,” he said in a soft voice.

They watched the darkness roll towards them from across the field. The moon was going behind some clouds, robbing them of their only source of light. It moved with a speed that defied the stillness of the night.

“Josh, I can’t walk. I need your help,” Tommy whispered, flinching at the sound of his own voice breaking the silence.
“Huh, you’re on your own, pal. Best of luck to you then,” Josh said before trotting several paces away from him.
“Josh!” Tommy cried out, his shoulders sagging in disbelief. “I am truly screwed. What the hell am I supposed to do now?”
“Just kidding, dude. Let’s get a move on,” Josh said appearing at Tommy’s side from the darkness so quickly that it almost made him fall.

Josh put Tommy’s arm over his shoulder and they resumed their flight. Tommy quietly thanked the lord that they were about the same size. The darkness was all but complete. They were immersed in a blackness that felt almost tangible. As they pressed on through the void, both boys found it hard to breath. The lack of light and sound left them disoriented and Josh prayed that they were still heading in the right direction. Their footprints even sounded muffled as they trudged through the grass.

Thump. A single sound rolled through the darkness that surrounded them. It sounded like a single heartbeat pounding out of the chest of a giant. The sound carried through the air like a cannon shot. As its echo died away, it left them both with a cold shiver embracing their spine.

“What was that?” Josh asked, trying in vain to pinpoint the origin of the sound.
“I don’t know, but unless you really want to find out, I suggest we pick up the pace.” Tommy wished that he could find a way to keep his teeth from chattering.

“Maybe it’s the others. They could be just trying to scare us.”
“I doubt it. I don’t know if the others made it out of there. Hell, I was surprised to see you,” Tommy shook his head.

“Did you actually see any of them get it?” Josh struggled to maintain his grip on one last sliver of hope.
“No, I couldn’t see anything in that house, but I heard…”

Lightning crackled to life above them. It snaked across the sky, momentarily sparing them from the darkness. Josh was relieved to see that they were still traveling in the right direction.

“It must have been thunder that we heard,” Tommy offered in a voice that lacked conviction.
Before the lightning? I don’t think so.” Josh redoubled his efforts, realizing how far they still had to go.

The thunder made its presence known in a low and grumbling voice. They nearly stumbled in their hasted to reach the trees. The silence that followed was brief, replaced by the heartbeat from before. This time the sound continued, slowly at first with a steady thump. Soon it began to take on a rhythm that unnerved the boys to no end. It was a sound they knew all to well, but had never had it affect them this way.

“It’s drums. Oh shit, Carl was right, dude. The drums are back. We never should have come here. We never should have done that. Why did I listen to you? What the hell did you get me into?” Tommy began to rant as his panic set in.

“Shut up, Tommy. We are almost there. Get a hold of yourself; if we make it to the trees we can hide.”
“How can you be so sure?” He wondered if anyplace would be safe for them now.

“The darkness works both ways, right? They won’t be able to see us any better than we can see each other. If we can make it to the trees we can hide there until morning,” Josh replied, as much to assure himself as anything else.

“It was dark in that house and they found us. I can still hear their footsteps.”
“And the screams, we can’t forget those god-awful screams. I just kept thinking that it had to be some sort of prank; that Carl had somehow set the whole thing up. He knew we were coming and wanted to teach us a lesson.” Josh flinched as a leaf caressed his cheek from the void.

The lightning lit up the sky again just as they passed the first set of trees. They pushed deeper into the woods, moving slowly as they felt there way past the branches. They wormed through the trees for what felt like an eternity.

“This should be far enough. I can barely hear the drums from here.” Josh helped Tommy sit down with his back against a tree.
“What are we going to tell everybody?” he asked after he made himself as comfortable as he could under the circumstances.
“That we were attacked by the Res Kids.” Josh slid down beside him with a grunt.
“Carl was the only Res Kid I saw tonight and he wasn’t putting up much of a fight, as I recall.”

“Well, what do you want to tell them? I am not going to say anything that will make us sound crazy. This town’s too small to get a rep like that,” Josh shook his head. “I say we blame it on the whole god damned reservation and let them explain what happened.”
“Hey, the drums have stopped. I bet that means they have stopped looking for us.” Tommy perked up for the first time since the sun went down.
“Thank god! They were driving me crazy. I still say we wait for first light before we try to…” Josh began, but was interrupted by the burgeoning storm.

A brief flash of lightning revealed a man standing in front of them, not more than five paces away. He was wearing buckskins tucked into calf-high moccasins. Seven feathers dangled from his hair in the wind that had sprung up an instant before. He stood before them with his arms crossed over his chest, a tomahawk gripped firmly in his right hand. His skin was gray and cold, not red like the boy they had carried into that old house. When the lightning faded, his eyes were still aglow. They emitted an eerie blue-white light that lapped at the edges of his eyelids as he stared down at them.

Tommy and Josh whimpered in the darkness. Josh didn’t know whether to pray for more light or pray that it wouldn’t return. His stomach knotted as he tried to make sense of the image he just saw. Was it a trick of the lightning or could he see through the stranger? Tommy had seen something like it in a sketchbook once, but he still couldn’t believe it was real. It had to be a trick of the lightning. Perhaps, his guilt was making him see things.

The lightning flashed again to reveal these apparitions everywhere the boys looked. There must have been hundreds of angry faces bearing down on them. The ghastly warriors brandished their weapons as they circled around the tree. When the darkness returned to cover them in its embrace, the air was filled with the screams of the damned and the sound of splintering wood.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Look...it's a contest

Ok, people…it’s contest time! I mentioned a few posts ago that I was having a batch of T-shirts made up as a promotional tool. What…you don’t remember? Shame on you.

Well, a group of friends and I have signed up to work one of the beer tents at Oktoberfest again this year. Since there will be thousands upon thousands of people in attendance, I thought it might be a good opportunity for a little exposure. One person wearing a T-shirt with the name of my website on it may easily go unnoticed, but to have an entire crew of people wearing the logo…yeah, I am thinking at the very least it should draw a little interest. The T-shirts will have Goodysworld.com on the front and a catchy quote on the back. They will be made in a variety of color combinations and sizes.

“Hey, didn’t you mention something about a contest? Hurry up and get to the point, will ya?” Ok, ok…keep your pants on; I’m getting to it.

Here’s the deal. We have been tossing around a few ideas about what the catchy quote on the back should be and had (I hope) a wonderful idea. I am turning it over to you, the reader. The person whose quote I use will receive a free T-shirt.

Remember, the quote should be something that would entice someone to checkout the website and hopefully want to read one of my books. Not familiar with any of my books? Perhaps a visit to my website is in order. There are excerpts from the first two books in my Plains series as well as a few poems and short stories. Read them over and give me your best shot. Oh and for the record, “Keeping it Dark, yo!” and “I’m takin’ what you’re given, ‘cause I’m suckin’ for a living.” Have both already been suggested and declined. Yes, I had a preliminary first round locally before opening the competition up to everyone.

The quote can only be one sentence long. Keep in mind, that this will be written on someone’s back, so don’t get crazy on the length of the one sentence. It can be funny, serious, whatever it takes to spark interest.

The contest will be open for submissions until Friday September 9th, 2005 and the winner will be announced the following Monday.

Good luck and thanks for playing!

Monday, August 22, 2005

The Thrill of the Chase

Footsteps, echoing softly, loudly, fading away.
The image, the memory, the experience remains.
Breath, quick, near panting…excited.
Contact, the brush of hair against skin.
Is it intended? Does she know?
The hunt has begun, the chase, the thrill.
The smell of her is on the air, perfume, morning dew.
Sweat would make it sweeter.
Her pace quickens, erratic, intoxicating.
Movement is a game, duck, bob, weave,…touch.
Skin against skin, fingers to lips, hands to hair, mouth...

Tease, twist, leave before the scent overcomes.
The street outside is loud, cars, people, life.
The room is crowded.
Where did she go?
Is she ill, repulsed, sad, angry…scared?
The smell of fear, pain, worry…unwanted.
Alone, furious, aware, too much time to think.
Driven, the need is too much.
Need to touch, to feel, to smell, to…taste.

The hunt resumes, calmly, quickly, softly, frantically.
She has returned, stoic, lovely, unmoving, unwanted…untainted.
Eyes meet, a connection, a near memory, unclear,
A smile, movement, drawn closer.
The scent reminds her, the scent stirs feelings, emotions, thoughts.
The clouds part, recollection, fear, run, stay, passion desire.
Darkness, the crowd disappears, only two people, two hearts.
The familiarity of touch, stroking of hair, caress of skin.
The kiss, moist, firm, soft, urgent, slow, warm.
Warmth surrounds the skin, visible, tangible.
Eyes close, lips move, cheek, ear, throat.
Mouth opens, anticipation.
Body shudders, realization, horror, trauma…ecstasy
Mouth closes, teeth puncture, flow, transfer, power.
A whimper escapes, shame, love, hate, more.
Coupled, lost in the moment, lost…satiated.
Collapse, arms folded on bar, head rests against them.
The finale closes in, sleep, for both.
One until the sun sets again, the other until…rapture.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Busy Weekend

Ah, the pitter-patter of little feet…well, in this instance the running through the house, up and down the stairs, jumping off chairs and stools sound of little feet, but we are having a good time. My niece and nephew stayed with us last night and we have been having a grand ‘ol time of it since they arrived.

We spent most of yesterday at the lake. When it was time to go our family had grown. I love it when they come stay the night. Ty has kids to play with and I…well, I just like kids, as long as I get to send most of them home after I have spoiled them rotten for a few days.

Of course, as it has taken me nearly three hours to piece together this much of a post; I realize that if I had three kids of my own, I probably wouldn’t get much writing done. So, I will close for now and hope to write a better post after the party (my son’s Birthday). I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

King of the Road...

Ok, I just realized that I haven’t given an update for the road trip. To say that my son was surprised would be an understatement.

“Where are we going?” he asked as we sped along the highway.
“On a trip,” I answered vaguely, smiling at him in the rearview mirror.
“I love trips. We are going on vacation, aren’t we?”
“Sho’ nuff.”
After a few moments he asked, “Where are we staying?”
“In a hotel.”
“I love hotels. Do they have a pool?”

As we drew closer to the city, his head was pivoting as if he were watching a tennis match.
“Where are we?”
“Overland Park.” When I noticed the puckered look of confusion on his face I added, “We are on the outskirts of Kansas City.”
Kansas City? I have always wanted to go there, I mean here.”
“Really? I had no idea.”

I called to check on the rest of the family as we pulled into the parking lot of the Holidome. They were already checked in and waiting on us. They came to meet us at the door as we parked the car.

“Hey, what are they doing here?” Tyler asked, watching a gaggle of his cousins come out to the car.
“Same thing you are…they’re on vacation,” my wife answered vaguely.

We didn’t let him know exactly what we were doing until we rolled into the parking lot of the amusement park. He was so excited. It was a good time had by all. Well, there was one ride in particular that didn’t turn out to be such a good time. When we were standing in line for the Detonator, I was making a few comments to help make the ride seem a little more scary. You know, comments like, “Remember, the ride you are about to strap into was built by the lowest bidder.” Yeah, they didn’t think it was nearly as funny as I did.

My son was too short to ride that one (it was one of only about five rides in the whole park that he couldn’t ride), so my niece and I were sitting next to each other on the ride that consists of two twin 200-foot towers. We sit on this chair lift-type seat and are propelled straight up reaching a speed of 45 mph in one second with significant force. Before takeoff, I was telling her that there was nothing to worry about, “just enjoy the ride.” They hit the button and up we go. I look over just in time to see her seatbelt dangling in the air. She is (understandably so) more than a little panicked by this. I reach over grab the end and hold on to it and her shoulder harness until the ride is over, talking her down the whole time so that she doesn’t completely freak out. Yeah, I immediately regretted making the jokes about shoddy equipment, but everything turned out just fine. We notified the attendants, err… ride ambassadors and moved on to the next attraction.

We rode nearly every ride in the park. We would have hit them all, but we were accosted by an unexpected thunderstorm. We saw the black clouds rolling in as we were making the 205 ft. ascent on the Mamba. It was an intimidating site. The storm stretched as far as I could see in either direction. Once we were off the ride, we tried to gather everyone up and head for cover. The rain dumped in buckets before we were even a quarter of the way back. After a few minutes the PA sprang to life, “All patrons, seek shelter in one of our many shops. We will advise you as the weather conditions change.”

Great! We then found ourselves soaking wet, standing in some seriously air conditioned candy store. We stayed for maybe half an hour and decided it would be better to take our chance in the storm than stay there and freeze to death. We made it back to the cars without incident, so it turned out to be a good call.

We were supposed to go to Ocean’s of Fun on Saturday, but not only was it still raining, it was down right chilly. We headed back to Tulsa early and took Ty to see the Fantastic Four. My son and I loved the movie. It was funny, action packed and had some awesome special effects. My wife gave it a solid meh. She said it was better than she was expecting, but not as good as it should have been. Overall, Ty still said it was one of the greatest weekends ever. Of course the smile on his face, said more than any such bold statements he could make. Man, it feels good to put a smile on a child.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Road Trip

Things will be pretty quiet around here for a few days. We are heading to Kansas City for a little long weekend. My son’s birthday is this month and as a surprise, we are taking him to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. The best part is that he has no idea that we are going. In just a few minutes, I will tell him to go pack a bag. Then we will get in the car and start driving. Some of our other family members are going to be there as well. Now, if I can just make it through three and a half hours of driving without cracking under the pressure of, “Come on, Dad…where are we going?” the surprise will be complete. I will let you know how it went when I get back. I may even have pictures. :)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tagged again....:)

I was tagged by Breazy with the following meme:

What was I doing 10 years ago ?
Just getting adjusted to my first job out of college, Lowrance Electronics.

What was I doing 5 years ago ?
Go out to clubs with my future wife flying wingman for me. Yeah, she rocks.

What was I doing 1 year ago ?
Working seven days a week, 12 hours a day. God, I love to hate the big projects.

What was I doing yesterday morning ?
Trying to get a little writing in before I headed off to work.

What will I be doing today and tomorrow ?
Writing, working, playing, loving, living and be thankful for the life I have.

5 snacks I enjoy ?
Oreos, chips, skittles, suckers, slim jims.

5 bands or singers of which I know most of their stuff ?
NIN , Molly’s Yes , Seether , AC/DC and White Stripes.

What would I do with $100,000 ?
If it were free and clear, no strings attached…I would spend it all on promotional material for my new book.

5 locations I would run away to ?
Sicily, Rome, Cozumel , Tahoe and Albuquerque.

5 bad habits ?
Smoking , eating badly, drinking too much soda, driving fast and well I could only come up with four right now.

5 things I like doing ?
Writing, wakeboarding, reading, vacationing , and watching movies.

5 things I would never wear ?
Speedo, MC Hammer pants, platform shoes , plaid and er…a miniskirt.

5 tv shows I like ?
Las Vegas, Fear Factor, Medium , Sopranos and Entourage.

5 movies I like ?
Constantine, Lord of The Rings , Gladiator and Troy

5 famous people I would like to meet ?
Angelina Jolie , Jack Black , Jessica Alba, Vin Diesel and Anne Rice

5 biggest joys at the moment ?
My wife, my son, my family, my pets and listening to music

5 favorite toys ?
Boat/Wakeboard, Sea Doo, PS2 , PC and my Mad Max G.I. Joe with the Kung Fu grip.

I tag ?
You know what…it’s open to anyone who wants to play. Go crazy; just let me know if you do so that I can see your answers.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Big Date

Last night was just…perfect. We went to The Melting Pot down on the Riverwalk. It is a fondue restaurant. When my wife told me that she wanted to go there, all I could think was, fondue? Great, that sounds like a LOVELY time.

You know what…it was! When I called to make the reservation, I explained that we were celebrating our anniversary. When we showed up, they had roses sitting on the table. Yeah, she was surprised.

They had this enormous wine list, possibly the most in depth I have ever seen at a restaurant, so we decided to order a specialty drink while we perused the massive selection. It was a Banana Berry Betweenie.

“Would you like to make that a shared drink?” Billy (our server) asked.
“Sure,” I answered, thinking that meant two straws (hey that sounded pretty romantic to me).

It had two straws alright, but they were protruding from this giant martini glass. The bowl on this thing was as big as my head (hey, no snickering about me having a big head). We ordered some wine to accompany our dinner. My wife decided on a nice Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand (The Crossings) and I chose an Australian Shiraz.

We ordered their signature four-course offering (The Big Night Out) for two. This meal had everything. I am talking steak, lobster, shrimp, chicken, salmon, sesame beef and that was just the Entree. Before we ever touched the main course we indulged ourselves with a nice Wisconsin Trio Cheese Fondue, using bread, apples and vegetables to dip with. It was following shortly by some absolutely wonderful Chef’s Salads. Once we polished off the majority of our Entrée, we were treated to a Flaming Turtle. My oh my, that tasted almost…divine.

As we left the restaurant, I was shocked to discover that we had just sat through a two-hour dinner. It was easy to lose track of time in such a cozy atmosphere, especially when the time is passed with someone you love.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Friends and Family

We had a lovely evening with Rob, Amy and my brother yesterday. We went to the sign in party for Oktoberfest. We are officially signed up to work one of the beer tents on Saturday October 22, 2005. If you recall, my wife and I had a blast at last year’s festivities.

My book should be released by then. Hmm, thousands of people will be in attendance...sounds like an opportunity to promote my book. I am having shirts made up with WWW.GOODYSWORLD.COM on them, along with a pithy slogan (TBD). That (as most of you know) is my personal website. It will have all of the information on where they can buy my book, what it’s about, etc…I will have to let you know how it turns out.

After we signed up (and enjoyed a few of the free beers that were served), we made a trip over to the Fox & Hound for dinner. It had rained for most of the afternoon, and the temperature had dropped into the low 80s. Yeah, after being in the 100s that makes for a nice night, so we sat out on the patio. Much to our surprise, Rob treated us to our dinner. It was a really nice thing for him to do and totally unexpected.

It was a great end to an interesting week. I just read back through your posts and I didn’t see anything that looked even remotely intersesting. Yeah, some things you just can’t put out in cyberspace and some things you just don’t want to. I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay...Gay

Further proof that there is hope for justice even in a Red state. Ok, so it’s not a sure shot, but it is an attempt. Two women from Owasso, Oklahoma (gee, that sounds familiar for some reason) received a marriage certificate from the Cherokee Nation. This is an act that takes advantage of the greatest loophole ever. I mean, everyone knows that the U.S. Government can’t override tribal law, right? Well apparently, another tribal member filed a complaint. He needs to be smacked by both brides claims that Cherokee law prohibits same sex marriage. What the hell? When did that happen? It seems that he may be reading more into a law than what others have before him.

When will we (Americans as a whole) realize that what other people do with their lives is none of our damned business? Let people be who they are, not what we think they should be. But homosexuality is a sin. It says so in the bible. Maybe it is a sin, maybe it’s not. So what? Are you going to hell because you let two people who love each other get married? If you are, you should seriously reconsider what kind of god you are counting on to be merciful when it comes time to face her. Are you slamming God? Are you slamming the bible? Of course not, I am saying that there a few things in the bible that we would dare think of practicing or enforcing today. There are so many, I don’t really know where to start. Oh, let’s just touch on say…slavery, shall we? I mean, we all know that’s wrong, don’t we?

However, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way. (Leviticus 25:44-46 NLT)

If you buy a Hebrew slave, he is to serve for only six years. Set him free in the seventh year, and he will owe you nothing for his freedom. If he was single when he became your slave and then married afterward, only he will go free in the seventh year. But if he was married before he became a slave, then his wife will be freed with him. If his master gave him a wife while he was a slave, and they had sons or daughters, then the man will be free in the seventh year, but his wife and children will still belong to his master. But the slave may plainly declare, 'I love my master, my wife, and my children. I would rather not go free.' If he does this, his master must present him before God. Then his master must take him to the door and publicly pierce his ear with an awl. After that, the slave will belong to his master forever. (Exodus 21:2-6 NLT)

I particularly like the way the bible deals with sex slaves:

When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she will not be freed at the end of six years as the men are. If she does not please the man who bought her, he may allow her to be bought back again. But he is not allowed to sell her to foreigners, since he is the one who broke the contract with her. And if the slave girl's owner arranges for her to marry his son, he may no longer treat her as a slave girl, but he must treat her as his daughter. If he himself marries her and then takes another wife, he may not reduce her food or clothing or fail to sleep with her as his wife. If he fails in any of these three ways, she may leave as a free woman without making any payment. (Exodus 21:7-11 NLT)

Or we could just toss our slaves (as long as we have them now as the bible says we should) a good beating.

When a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod so hard that the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished. If, however, the slave survives for a day or two, he is not to be punished, since the slave is his own property. (Exodus 21:20-21 NAB)

Ah, I know, I know, “How can he possibly think he can use the bible to argue for gay marriage?” Well, I can’t. I just wanted to point out that as great a source of knowledge and guidance the bible is, there are definitely aspects of it that just don’t apply to the modern world.

Isn’t it more important that two people love each other than what gender the object of that love is? I guess I just don’t see what the problem is.

Love is in the air...

I have a question for you and I want you to be honest. Does this blog make me look fat?
Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let’s move on to more pressing business. My wedding anniversary is coming up this weekend. We have a nice dinner at a swanky restaurant planned and of course, an entire weekend full of romance and celebration of the love we have for each other.

It amazes me that she still looks at me with that look. You know the one I’m talking about; the look that makes me want to drop whatever I’m doing and just pull her into my arms. I am not sure what I did to deserve her, but I am glad I did it.

It hasn’t always been wine and roses. I have had to comfort her and she me, but never from something caused by our own actions. The world may throw us a few sliders, but we haven’t tossed any at each other. I can’t imagine a world that I would say or do anything that would make her cry. I can’t imagine a world were she would do anything to make me cry. Do we get on each other’s nerves from time to time? Of course, we do, we are still human, undying love not withstanding. But we talk about what’s bugging us, before it festers and grows into something…unnecessary.

I love her. I mean I really love her. It is as strong an emotion as it was when I married her. She is my perfect match. She is strong when I am weak, she is sane when I am emotional and like all cycles, the same could be said when the roles are reversed. She shares my…actually, that isn’t the way I should put it. Our future, our goals our dreams are shared by each other. We don’t know exactly what the future will bring, but we know that we want to face it together. Good or bad we got each other’s backs as the saying goes.

My son loves her too. She never intended to be a mother, but I have to say she has taken to it better than anyone could have hoped. The argue like brother and sister sometimes, but you can tell by looking at them, that they love each other. I think know that they have been a positive influence on each other’s lives. I know everyone always hears about the wicked step parents, but you know what…she isn’t one of them. She adores him like he was her own.

I can’t wait to see what the next four years bring for us. I love you, Baby. I always have (picture that last bit said with a Scottish accent) and I always will.

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