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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Raising Awareness

Next week the PBS series "P.O.V." will present the Sundance Film Festival Award-Winning documentary called The Education of Shelby Knox.

Here is an excerpt from the website:

The Education of Shelby Knox is a coming of age
story about a teenage girl who joins a campaign for comprehensive sex education in the high schools of Lubbock, Texas.

As Shelby is swept into the fight, she begins to question her deeply conservative Southern Baptist upbringing; when the campaign broadens to include a fight for a gay-straight alliance, Shelby confronts her family and her pastor, in the end declaring herself a feminist and a liberal Christian.

I would love to say more, but I think Mike over at The Corpuscle has done such an eloquent write-up, that anything I could say about this and also young Zach’s situation would pale in comparison. So, please visit his site for more information.


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