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Friday, May 20, 2005

One Hell of a Marketing Idea

I would like to take a minute to direct your attention to author Douglas Clegg. He has a new book coming out called The Priest of Blood. I think you all should know, by now,how much I love a good Vampire story. I will definately buy this book. Will you? Can you look your friends in the eye knowing that you don't have this book in your library? That's what i thought, so be a peach and support a bloody good writer!

As part of his marketing strategy (Yes, I realize that I have to get me one of those real soon.), he is auctioning of promotional items on eBay. With a potential audience of millions, it’s easy to see where he might think this to be a beneficial move.

This is only an experiment (selling promotional items, not necessarily selling books), but he has already seen a large response to the auction (over a 1,000 views in two days). I will be watching this process intently. He may very well be on to something here.

To find out more, please visit his site.


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