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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

All the Love in the World

So, I bought the new NIN CD [WITH_TEETH] last week. I was actually pretty excited about this one. I was a big fan of them in the 90s. I also enjoyed some of Trent Reznor’s solo work, but it just wasn’t quite the same.

When I first heard The Hand That Feeds, it sent my on a wild goose chase. The DJ said that the CD wouldn’t be released for another couple of months, but I wanted to have the single now. I turned to my PC and began the search. None of my legit sources had it, and I just wasn’t willing to take a chance on searching with any of the peer to peer software packages (when the pirates go down, I don’t want to be anywhere near the ship). I had to settle for listening to it on the radio, which turned out not to be a bad deal as at least one channel played it every fifteen minutes or so.

At last, the day came that the CD was officially released. I bought it, put it in the player and waited.

A catchy little synthesized drumbeat rolled out of the speakers. It was quickly followed by the sound of Trent’s voice. Eww, is it just me, or is his voice off key? I thought in dismay. Then his voice actually cracked and broke, right there on the first track. Oh, my God they are just another has-been band trying to make a comeback. I felt bad for them as I listened to the song bounce all over the place. It seemed to be coming for every direction and none of it meshed for well. Then as if on cue with my thoughts, the music started to synch up and the voice picked up…confidence. Suddenly a deep drum rhythm signaled the attack and a wonderful CD was under way. From that point in the song, all the way through to the last track, this CD kicks ass.

With Teeth has melodies and lyrics that get under your skin and not only stay there, but bury their way into your very soul. The music is that good. It is by far the best NIN CD every released. I find myself listening to this thing over and over and… That actually reminds me of one of the songs:

I believe I can see the future
As I repeat the same routine
I think I used to have a purpose
But then again
That might have been a dream
I think I used to have a voice
Now i never make a sound
I just do what I've been told
I really don't want them to come around again

Every day is exactly the same

This CD is a must have. Buy it, enjoy it, you can thank me later!


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