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Sunday, April 10, 2005

That's My Special Boy!

I went to pickup my son from his tutor yesterday and he comes running out of the school, looking a little glum. He is wearing this big white button, but I can’t quite read what it says until he gets a little closer. He shuffles his feet across the parking lot, struggles to open the door slower than what seems humanly possible and eases himself into the backseat with all the grace and speed of a hundred year old man.

“What’s a matta you, eh?” I asked, trying to get a smile out of him, adjusting the mirror so that I can see his face.
“I don’t get to go to tutoring any more.”
“Really?” I looked again at the big white button.
“Yeah.” He nodded. “It’s because you didn’t pay for me to stay isn’t it?”
“What? Tyler, your tutoring was free. It’s a program that your school runs for 1st graders.” I said, turning around to look at him directly. “Why would you say something like that?”
“Because everyone else gets to stay except for me and Bobby.”
“Son, what does your button say?”
“It says: Independent Reader.”
“That’s right. The whole reason you went to tutoring was to get your reading up to where it needs to be. You read very well for your age.” I assured him.
“Does that mean that I congratulated?”
“No…but I think it means you graduated and for that I will congratulate you.” I laughed.
“Yessss.” He said, his mood instantly better.

So we get home and look through his homework. As we put the finishing touches in his notebook, he looks up at me and I can almost here the light bulb turn on in the background.

“Dad, since I graduated and all, after we finish my homework, can we watch the The Incredibles again?”
“You really liked that one, huh?”
“Man, I can’t say enough good things about that movie.”

I had to stop and stare at him for a good 3 seconds before I broke into laughter. It always slays me when he says something so adult like that. Ah, my seven year old’s first movie review; could I be any prouder?

“What’s so funny?”
“Nothing, son. Just finish your homework and I will get the DVD set up for you.
“Thanks, Dad.”
“No, no…thank you.”
“For what?”
“Just for being you, son.”


At 1:14 PM, Blogger JohnH985 said...

Just saw your blog from Inside Red's blog and I'm jumping around, reading all sorts of blogs. I too am something of an aspiring writer. Just wanted to say hey and like your blog.


At 2:09 PM, Blogger James Goodman said...

I am glad you like it. Good luck with our writing. It only takes one sale to get the ball rolling for you.

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