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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Happy End O' Lent

Well, the Easter bunny came and went during the night. He left a slew of chocolate and little trinket toys scattered around my house. I guess my son will just have to round them all up. Big house, little boy, 30 or so chocolate eggs (with various fillings of course)…I am willing to bet (hope) that he doesn’t complain about not having a real Easter egg hunt this year.

The forecast has called for rain, rain and yep, more rain. We decided (actually, I wasn’t privy to that conversation but my proxy was) that my nieces, nephews and son were old enough that they wouldn’t be upset if they didn’t get a traditional hunt (complete with prize with valuable prizes and cash). They…er, we opted instead to shower them candy, chocolate and trinkets in the form of gifts. There will be no great scavenger hunt, no survival of the fittest/quickest, no earning the unhealthy bounty that will be gorged upon for days. No, there will be no children that run through the yard with such haste that trip, sending basket and goodies hurling through the air at light speed.

No, there will be no over abundance of hardboiled eggs this year. There will be no Uncle that makes it his primary responsibility to eat as many of them as possible (lest they go to waste), causing him to be banished to the outside of the house (down wind) with in an hour or so.

Ah, but we will have great food, family and friends. For this, I am grateful. I have spent far too many holidays separated from family, not to appreciate the importance of that. Well, that’s about as far down that memory lane as I care to go. Today is a day of celebration and mild defeats, so keep your kin close and enjoy all of your feasts.

Update: Nature decided that she didn't want to see a large group of kids miss out on a great egg adventure either. The sun burned through the clouds and we had a lovely afternoon for the hunt. Nearly 1,000 candy filled plastic eggs later and all of the kids have enough candy to last them at least until Halloween.

Happy Easter (or just happy three days off if you don’t go for the whole religious holiday thing.)

By the by, the first draft of my super secret writing project is complete. More details coming soon.


At 7:47 AM, Blogger Leslie said...

wtf? you did some erasing!!

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