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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Advertising Genius

Okay, so the owner of this gas station in the Deep South is having trouble attracting business. He thinks and thinks and finally comes up with a way to boost his sales. He posts a sign over the pumps that reads: Free sex with every fill up!

It works like a charm. Before you know it he has a steady stream of customers. On one busy afternoon, two rednecks pulled in for a little “full service”. The driver gets out, fills the tank and signals the owner over to ask him about the enticing sign.

“Oh, of course.” The owner says scratching his chin. “Pick a number between one and ten.”
“What?” The redneck asked looking at his buddy for support.
“If you guess the number that I am thinking of, you win the free sex.” He explains.

The driver waves off his buddy’s suggestions and finally guesses eight.
“No, but you were close.” The owner shakes his head. “The number I was thinking of was seven. Sorry, no free sex today. Maybe you will have better luck next time.”

As the two men drive off, the driver turns to his buddy and says: “You know, I think that game is rigged. I bet you he doesn’t really give away free sex.”

“No way Bobby Joe, it ain’t rigged at all; my wife won twice last week.”


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