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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Weekend Rents

Ok, that was a little close for comfort. The Patriots barely pulled it off in what turned out to be one of the best Super Bowl, since... Well, ok, I rather enjoyed last year's also.
It was a good defensive game, but what did you expect when the #2 and #3 defenses collide? The Pats are breaking records left and right. I keep hearing them referred to as a Dynasty, but I am holding out to see what they do next year. I don't want to curse them.
Now, on with the rents:
I only watched two movies this weekend. I spent the time that I would have normally used for the third movie playing Black Jack and playing it poorly. We decided to go checkout the action in our new casino. My friend Rob nearly tripled his money. My performance, however, was similar to that of a bad boxer: up, down, up, down and out. All and all, it was a good time though. My wife walked out with the same amount of money she walked in with and my friend Amy, well, I think she was having a bit of my luck.
The first movie we watched was Without'>http://www.withoutapaddlemovie.com/home.php">Without a Paddle. I thought this movie was great. It is the story of a group of friends that used to dream of finding DB Cooper’s money when they were kids. One of them dies and the other three vow to take the trip that the fourth one had planned all his life. There is scene near the beginning where the three friends are confronted by a bear. One of the falls and the other two urge him to get into the fetal position. “He won’t mess with you if you are in the fetal position.” A few moments later finds those same friends screaming: “Abort the fetal position. It isn’t working. Abort the fetal position.” This movie is full of laughs, despite the underlying fact that the whole adventure is caused by the death of a friend.
Our second selection was The'>http://www.sonypictures.com/homevideo/theforgotten/">The Forgotten. This was a strange movie. It kept my attention throughout, not because it was so good (and it was good), but because I was afraid I would get lost, if I missed anything. It was full of as many subtle clues as it was blaring ones. Can a parent ever forget a child? That was the basis of the whole movie. It did give the impression that it was easier for a father to forget a child than for a mother. I, of course, take a little offense to that, but being that they cited the whole child growing inside them idea as the reason, it didn’t leave me much room to argue. The bottom line is that this was a good movie and I am glad I watched it.


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