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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Further Adventures of Tyler the Great

Tyler went home after receiving his gifts from the Nunne’hi. He picked up the phone several times and then placed gently back into its charger. He wanted to call his father and tell him all that had transpired since he went to the sweat lodge, but he was afraid that he would sound insane. He knew that his father would believe him, he just needed to think of the right words to use so that he wouldn’t feel like an idiot when he told him. Perhaps a good night’s sleep would help him focus his thoughts. He quickly undressed and shoved his clothes into a receptacle on the wall and hit a button to close the door.

“It’s time to rise and shine. It’s time to rise and shine. It’s time to rise and ….” A soothing voice called from the black box on his nightstand before he reached out from beneath the covers and smacked it.

“I’m up!” He barked as it resumed a few minutes later.

Tyler threw back the covers and sat on the edge of the bed, shaking his head vigorously to dislodge the cobwebs in his mind. As his mind began to run through everything that he had been through, he wondered if it had all been a dream. He stood with a stretch and pressed the blue tile on the wall, causing the bed to fold and retract into a recess that left on a sliver of a line as a telltale sign that it was there.

By the time he stepped into the cleansing pod, Tyler had all but convinced himself that it was just dream, a very vivid one, but a dream nonetheless. He pressed the flashing button to his right and the pod quickly filled with sweet scented steam. Three short chirps warned him that a blast of hot air was coming next. He stepped out of the pod feeling clean and refreshed.

A quick check in the mirror, confirmed that he was do for another shave. He reached for his new Gillette Laser Razor ™. It was a rubber-like half mask with a small pushbutton attached to a cord that hung from the chin. Tyler placed it on his face and pressed the button. The mask quickly molded to the contours of his face, as it began to hum. He watched as the mask lit up with a stripe of blue light the moved quickly from his left ear to his right.

Tyler used the monitor beside his closet to pick out his wardrobe for the day. Once he was satisfied with his selection, he tapped the screen and the closet door opened, allowing a small mechanical arm to extend his clothes out to his waiting hands.

“Sheridan street, please.” He requested as he entered the elevator just outside of his door.
He looked out the window at the images rushing past him as the cube raced down the side of the building and latched on to the jet stream that would carry him the rest of the way. By the time he was ready to step out of the cube, he had thoroughly convinced himself that there was no way that, he could have actually been visited by the Nunne’hi, let alone saved the world last night. Then the doors opened and his world reeled from the cacophonous noise that assaulted his ears.

“What the hell is that?” He screamed, instinctively clasping his hands over his ears. It took only a few seconds to discern how to control the level of information his senses were picking up. Every movement in the street caught his attention. He could even here the insects that crawled through the grass surrounding the building in front of him.

He stepped onto the moving sidewalk, trying to make sense of it all. His mind was so engulfed with the implications of his new powers that he forget to step off at his exit. By the time he realized his error, he was nearly to the outskirts of town.
“Perhaps it is just as well. I should probably take the day off to sort this whole thing out.” He muttered to himself.

“Gypsy Enterprises” Tyler spoke as he pressed the call button on his watch.
“Good morning Tyler, How may I help you?” The smiling face in his watch asked.
“Good morning Teresa. I am more than a little out of sorts this morning. Could you tell my father that I am not going to be able to make it in today?”
“Of course, sir. Can we expect that you will return tomorrow?” She asked as a look of concern suddenly washed over her face.
“Yes Teresa. Don’t worry about me. I will be fine. Just tell him that I will call him later tonight and let him know what is going on.”

“I think it is time to see what this body is capable of.” He giggled to himself.

He spent the rest of the morning doing things he had only dreamed about before now. He flew, yes flew to the beach in a matter of seconds. He looked up that brat Charlie Nelson that gave him a wedgie when he was in the eighth grade in front of the entire lunchroom. Poor Charlie must have hung by his underwear from that light pole for two hours before someone was able to get him down. He chased down several ghosts from his childhood and righted what he felt were wrongs. At last, he felt fully vindicated, making up for things that he had done to others and tormented those who had wronged him.

It was time to return home. Tomorrow he would start working on a plan to make the world a better place, but today he was affording himself one last day of self-indulgence.
“I wonder if I should start wearing a costume.” He thought aloud as he walked into his apartment.

“I am sure that dad will have an opinion about that.” He laughed as he reached for his phone. “He has an opinion about everything.”


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