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Monday, February 21, 2005

ConDFW Schedule

That will teach me to post the thing so quickly; I already need to make a correction.

The panel schedule is up (in a preliminary form at least) on the ConDFW website. I am providing you with a taste of wait you will be missing if you can’t make it. Having said that, are any of you out there planning to attend?

Again, this is only a taste. To find out more please visit their website.


Panel Room 1 (Violet – Main Programming)

5 pm Escape from the Slush Pile
Hosted by Shanna Caughey, Carole Nelson Douglas, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Martha Wells, and Glenn Yeffeth. Industry pros, both authors and editors, discuss what it takes to escape from the slush pile. Is there anything you can do to get an edge over other aspiring writers?

6 pm What Does It Take to Be a Writer?
Hosted by Steven K.Z. Brust, Scott Cupp, P.N. Elrod, Jody Lynn Nye, and Teresa Patterson. Many people want to be a fiction writer but do they really have what it takes to be successful? Industry pros try to define what they think makes a writer more likely to be successful. Who knows, they might even be right.

Reading Room

2 pm Charlee Jacob
3 pm Brad Sinor
4 pm Rhonda Eudaly
5 pm K.D. Wentworth
6 pm Robert Pickering


Panel Room 1 (Violet – Main Programming)

10 am Playing Well With Others
Hosted by Robert Asprin, Bill Fawcett, Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Jody Lynn Nye. Industry pros discuss the ups and downs of collaborations and anthologies.

11 am Tolkien’s Vice: The World Building Panel
Hosted by Robert Asprin, Steven K.Z. Brust, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, Tracy S. Morris and Martha Wells. Ever dreamed of creating your own world? Industry pros discuss their own experiences with this daunting authorial exercise.

12 pm Words and Pictures: The Art of the Screenplay
Hosted by Bill Fountain and John Steakley. There is no doubt that writing a compelling screenplay is quite different from writing a solid novel or short story. Industry pros talk about what makes a screenplay pop and their own experiences in the trenches.

5 pm Guest of Honor Keynote Address
An hour with famed novelist Steven K.Z. Brust.

8 pm Guest of Honor Acoustic Musical Performance
Guests of Honor, Steven Brust and Patrick Nielsen Hayden, present an acoustic musical performance.

9 pm Dancing the night away.

Panel Room 2 (Magnolia)

1 pm The Editor’s Panel: The Red Pen Rises
Hosted by Jayme Lynn Blaschke, Shanna Caughey, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, and Glen Yeffeth. A recent article in the Onion assured us that “Copyediting is a craft” Come join some masters of that craft discuss what aspiring writers can do to avoid being tossed aside with great force.

2 pm Blood, Death and Doom for Fun and Profit: The Business of Horror Writing
Hosted by C. Dean Andersson, P.N. Elrod, Christopher Fulbright, Bob Gunner and Brad Sinor. Industry pros discuss how to get in to horror writing and where the genre is heading.

3 pm The Aspiring Writers Panel
Hosted by Charlee Jacob, Julia Blackshear Kosatka, Lee Martindale, Warren Carl Norwood and Nina Romberg. Every year ConDFW has a new writers panel where aspiring writers can listen to industry veterans share their invaluable wit and wisdom. Come for the always useful advice or come to see well meaning would be mentors urging these aspirants to forsake writing and to instead seek honest work.

4 pm Are Vampires Still Sexy or Do They Just Suck?
Hosted by C. Dean Andersson, P.N. Elrod, Christopher Fulbright, Angeline Hawkes-Craig and Richard Weber. Surely no creature has been reinvented, reused and recycled more than Dracula and his polymorphous brood. Is there still any undiscovered country left in the vampire genre or have we seen it all before?

Panel Room 3 (Mesquite)

8 pm Making Better Dirty Books: Porn vs. Erotica
Hosted by Melanie Miller Fletcher, Julia Blackshear Kosatka, and whoever else cares to show up. This no holds anything goes panel has become an established tradition at ConDFW. We’re not sure anything has ever been resolved, but we are sure that it is always entertaining. Adults only.

Reading Room

10 am Gloria Oliver
11 am Jayme Lynn Blaschke
12 pm Angeline Hawkes-Craig
1 pm John Steakley – A Preview of Armor 2
2 pm H.J. Ralles
3 pm Lillian Stewart Carl
4 pm Melanie Miller Fletcher
5 pm Closed for Guest of Honor Presentation
6 pm Closed for Guest of Honor Presentation

10 am Beverly Hale, Joy Marie Ledet, Teresa Patterson, Brad Sinor
11 am Lillian Stewart Carl, Christopher Fulbright, Rick Klaw
12 pm C. Dean Andersson, Carole Nelson Douglas, Bob Gunner, Nina Romberg
1 pm Rhonda Eudaly, Charlee Jacob, Tracy S. Morris, Martha Wells
2 pm Bill Fawcett, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, Jeff Turner
3 pm Steven K.Z. Brust, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Teresa Nielsen Hayden
4 pm Robert Asprin, Jody Lynn Nye, Mel White


Panel Room 1 (Violet – Main Programming)

10 am Fan Fiction into the Future
Hosted by Melanie Miller Fletcher and Julia Blackshear Kosatka. Is there such a thing as good fan fiction? Can writing it be valuable practice to hone your writing skills? Industry pros debate the good, the bad and the ugly of the online underworld of fan fic.

11 am Computer and Gaming Art: Breaking into Non-traditional Markets.
Hosted by David Cherry, Brad W. Foster, and Victory. Artists discuss expanding their horizons.

12 pm Literary Agents Demystified: What Every Writer Needs to Know
Hosted by Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Teresa Nielsen Hayden.
Two industry veterans discuss the pitfalls and priorities of getting representation. Who needs an agent and how can they set about to find one?

1 pm The State of the Industry
Hosted by Shanna Caughey, Bill Fawcett, T.M. Wagner, K.D. Wentworth and Glenn Yeffeth. Industry pros discuss the state of the fantasy/sci-fi/horror publishing business. Are things really that bad? Are they getting better? Listen to a frank examination of lights, tunnels and oncoming trains.

Panel Room 2 (Magnolia)

11 am Refreshing Fantasy: Revitalizing a Genre
Hosted by Beverly Hale, Charlee Jacob, Lee Martindale, Gloria Oliver and Teresa Patterson. If there has even been a genre haunted by its clichés it must be fantasy. Must the woods always be filled with elves and the mountains mined by dwarves? What can and is being done to bring new life to this genre?

12 pm Escape from the Slush Pile Part Two: Getting Noticed in Periodicals
Hosted by Gregory R. Bennett, Brad Sinor and Jeff Turner. Industry pros discuss periodicals and magazines as a route to breaking into the fiction market.

1 pm Remaking the Myths: Mythology and Folklore in Modern Fiction
Hosted by C. Dean Andersson, Renee Brown, Lillian Stewart Carl, Jody Lynn Nye and Nina Romberg. Industry pros discuss how ancient mythology and folklore has influenced their own writing. What’s been done to death? What’s been overlooked? What would love to see?

2 pm Dark Fantasy
Hosted by Bob Gunner, Charlee Jacob, Robert Pickering and Richard Weber. Industry pros explore the genre of dark fantasy -- what’s cutting edge, what’s played out and where the genre is going.


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