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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Who Let the Dogs In?

The smallest member of my family rules my house. You probably think I am talking about my son. You would be wrong. Gigi, my Boston Terrier just about has us all trained to her liking. She scratches at the door; we jump. We sit down to watch TV and she barks until we throw something at her. It’s not that she is afraid of the tennis ball, stuffed toy, etc, it’s that she wants to play and by throwing something she gets her way.
We also have a Great Dane (Yes, he lives inside, which in retrospect might not have been the best idea) for her to torment. We weren’t sure how they would get along because Bhodi was an only dog for several years, but Gigi wasted no time in showing him who was the boss. All kidding aside, for as much aggravation as she gives him, he is nothing but gentle with her. When she pushes too far, he doesn’t bite; he takes his head and uses it to roll her across the carpet before barking at her a couple of times. That maneuver usually buys him a couple of hours reprieve.
Gigi absolutely loves to play tug-o-war. You would think that this would always be a one sided battle between the dogs. I would also have put good money on that one, but for the time that I watched Bhodi get drug to his feet by a rope with a tenacious little Gigi yanking on the other end. It has become one of my favorite party tricks (Much to Bhodi’s dismay).
Gigi is a relatively small, even for a Boston Terrier, but she has the loudest snore I have ever heard in my life. She will literally drown out the TV when she falls asleep on my lap. During a TV program isn’t so bad, it’s the middle of the night that seems to be getting to me. My wife could sleep through a hurricane, but I carry the curse of being one of the lightest sleepers on the planet. I am sure of it. I keep thinking that my body will get used to having her in the room (It’s not like the snoring is sporadic), but she still manages to wake me up several times a night. I went for nearly a month with little or no sleep. I nearly had a psychotic episode. I now keep a set of earplugs by the bed. If I feel myself getting a little “edgy”, the ear plugs go in. It’s best for all concerned.
Why don’t I just kick her out of the bedroom, you ask? Because she’s the baby. That and if she is left to her own devices she will chew up everything she can get her little teeth on. I'm not quite sure how to break her of that one. My wife keeps telling me that she will grow out of it, I can only pray she is right. If not for me, for my son. His toys seem to be her favorite. We keep telling him that he has to remember to shut his bedroom door, but he forgets more than he remembers.
I love my pets, but the more time I spend with my latest edition, the more I come to appreciate… my fish.


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