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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Weekend Disaster and Movie Reviews

After spending most of the morning taking down and putting away Christmas decorations, we decided that an evening of movie rentals was in order. I picked five movies in all, so it looks like that is all we will be doing for the rest of the weekend or so I thought.

We made it through the first movie without a hitch. It was Shaun of the Dead, a semi parody of Dawn of the Dead or any other zombie movie of the last decade or so for that matter. While I was expecting a Weird Al take on Dawn of the Dead, it turned out to be quite the well planned out zombie movie. Conveying such ideas as: overcoming personal adversity and rising to the occasion, mending relationships with family and friends, and of course my favorite, if you are an arrogant ass, you will be eaten by zombies. Parody or no, I still wouldn’t recommend this movie to the faint of heart. It is still a zombie movie and quite graphic when dealing with the deaths of characters. To everyone else, have at it; it is definitely worth the rental fee.

I took quite a bit of flack for my next selection and in retrospect, rightfully so. I picked up the only copy (usually a bad sign) of Dracula 3000. It turns out that Count Dracula is actually from the planet Transylvania. There is also a planet Comptonia that is populated by weed smoking, gun toting “gangstas”. Heh, who knew? As you might have already guessed, The good Count, by the strangest of coincidences, finds himself on a spaceship battling it out with a direct descendant of Van Helsing. Now don’t get me wrong, I love B movies and I was pretty sure that this one was going to be a little cheesy, but I was not prepared for what I witnessed. It was just well, bad. To quote Forrest Gump: “That’s all I have to say about that.”

Our night of movie watching was cut short. My wife was making a trip to the kitchen for refills on our refreshments, when she noticed the wet spot (She had found it earlier in the day and cleaned/dried it up) on the carpet in the Dining room had gotten bigger. This was a mind-boggling development. It was a good 2 ft from any wall and there is nothing but concrete under that area of the room. It was, however, directly across from the air intake of our ventilation system. I popped open the access and discovered that it was full of water. Apparently, the padding had soaked up the water everywhere else that it had spread. My water heater was leaking. We still don’t know how extensive the damage is. I called the plumber out last night, but he wasn’t able to make it out until today. I shut the water off and drained the tank. Of course, this means that we can’t take showers until this issue is resolved (hopefully today or I’m hitting a motel).

It looks like I am starting the New Year out with a bang. On the plus side, with a start like this, it should stand to reason that I have nowhere to go but up from here.

I will give you the skinngy on the other three movies once I have my house back in order. Until then Happy New Year everyone!


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