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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Quest

I have traveled far and scoured the world
On a quest for the heart of a dark haired girl

With skin so soft that my temperature rises
Her body, so beautiful, holds many surprises

One look from her eyes starts my blood to boil
Makes a carefree man like a dog so loyal

She chained my heart on the night we first met
With fire and passion, so wild so wet

My soul burns for the smile in my dreams
To hold her in my arms near that rushing stream
To give her my love while the angels sing

My love was pure, strong, and bold
Whilst I watched her strip from head to toe

My mind reeled, my heart beat wild
My hands shook like a frightened child

Never such beauty have mine eyes beheld
My mind succumbed to her charms as my blood slowly swelled

We shared our bodies like fiends possessed
We gave each other everything, nothing more, nothing less

She caught my eye and gave me a smile
A smile that stopped the hands of time
Before she whispered in my ear, your soul is mine!


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