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Saturday, January 29, 2005

My Son the Superhero

“Dad, why is my name on there?” My son asked, looking over my shoulder as I typed yesterday’s post.
“Because I am writing about you.”
“You write about me?” He wondered, as his eyes grew wide with surprise.
“Yes, I write about you a lot actually.”
“What are you writing about?”
“Remember when we talked to you about singing during a movie?”
“Yeah.” He answered hesitantly.
“Well I am writing about that and about how you tried to make us feel guilty about getting on to you about it.”
“Don’t tell them about living under the stairs I was just playing about that.”
“Why don’t you want me to tell them that?”
“Because they are going to think I am a brat.” He exclaimed before his bottom lip began to protrude in a pout.
“Well, if you think it makes you sound like a brat, why did you say it?”
“I didn’t know you were going to tell everybody about it.”
“Good rule of thumb, son: If you don’t want something you have said repeated, chances are it is not worth saying in the first place.”

“Can you write about anything?”
“Within reason.”
“Could you make me a superhero?”
“You could have me save Neo at the end of the Matrix.”
“Wow, that is pretty imaginative. Anything else come to mind?”
“How about Daredevil, or Spiderman or..”
“No, I can’t make you into any characters that already exist.”
“Why not? I thought you said that you can write anything.”
“I am not going to just rename someone else’s character to put you in a story about them.”
“Ok, then just surprise me. Just don’t make me look like a dork if anyone reads it.”

So without further ado:

The entire planet was in chaos. Magic had been reborn to the world of man and he wasn’t wise enough to know what to do with it or how to defend himself against it.

In the years when men still lived with the animals, the Nunne’hi (a race of spirit creatures) discovered a way to harness the Orenda (the life force that binds all living things). Knowing that all things must strive to maintain a balance, they created two amulets to channel the power.

The Nunne’hi used the power to change the face of the earth. They moved mountains and created deserts where oceans once lapped their shores. Once they realized what they had done, they decided the amulets were too powerful to be used. They tried to destroy them, but nothing they tried could rend them asunder. Finally, they decided to bury them deep within the belly of the earth.

Tyler grew up hearing tales of the Nunne’hi. When he saw the strange happenings of the world, he knew that someone had found one of the Amulets. He had to find the other one. Not knowing where to begin, he went to an old medicine man that still lived on the Res in Oklahoma.

“Tell me then, Grandfather. Where should I look?”
“Look to the Nunne’hi.”
“And where would I find them?”
“Go to the sweat lodge on the night of the next full moon. Fast there until the next full moon. You must recite a sacred prayer every ten breaths as long as you are awake. If you are found worthy, they will come to you.”

Every man, woman and child were gripped by terror as every mythical creature ever conceived sprang into existence. Giants and dragons battling for dominance plagued America. Gremlins infested every piece of machinery in the world. Production of nearly everything we had come to rely on to live ground to a halt. Still no one took credit for these deeds. The leaders of every country met and accused each other of causing the problems. If they could operate their weapons they would wage war to stop the insanity.

Tyler did as instructed and found the first few days passed with ease. Suddenly, the door to his room creaked open. A smiling young maiden stepped through carrying a plate full of grilled steak. The aroma nearly drove him insane. He almost quit reciting his prayer.

“My mistress says that you shouldn’t be doing this. She sends this food as a peace offering.”
“Who is you mistress?” He asked at the end of a prayer.
“Her name is Anna.”
“Tell her she must stop, before she destroys the world.”
“She swears that you and yours will be safe, but the world is in need of a change.”
“Be gone and take word to your mistress that I must decline.”
“She will be most disappointed.”
“Then send my regrets, for I will continue to disappoint her.”

The maiden returned every night and made him the same offer. Every night Tyler refused, though his stomach begged him to take but a taste of the meat she laid before him.

As the moon spilled through the cracks of the wall on the 28th night, the door opened as it had every night since he began the fast and again the maiden entered bearing a plate. This time it was covered with a cloth.

“Are you sure I couldn’t talk you into breaking your fast?”
“I am sure.” He answered in a voice that was barely more than a whisper. He was weak to the point of collapsing and his voice was hoarse from his prayers.
“Then you must die!” She hissed as she pulled a dagger from beneath the cloth.
She lunged at Tyler with a snarl. He was too weak to resist so he just closed his eyes and braced himself for the pain to come as the knife entered his flesh.

He slowly opened one eye when the pain never came. He saw the body of the maiden crumpled on the ground across the room.

“Grandfather! Did you spare my life?” He called out thinking the medicine man had returned in time to save him.
“No, we did.” A voice filled the air as faces materialized all around him.
“I am forever in your debt.”
“We know why you have summoned us. Why should we give you the other stone?”
“You do not have to give it to me, but will you at least use it to stop Anna?”
“We can not wield it against man. This would create a further unbalance. Only a human can wield the stone against her.”

“Then take me to her and only give me the stone long enough to take hers away. Then you can take them both.”
“You don’t want to keep the stone?”
“No one should have that much power. What is the old saying? If power corrupts then absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

“Very well, the amulet is yours.” The Nunne’hi said as the rose colored amulet appeared on the ground in front of him.

“Where will I find her?”
“When you wear the amulet you will know where she is.”
“Does that mean she will know where I am as well?”
“Of course.”
“Then I shouldn’t put the amulet on until I have eaten and rested.”
“If you wear the amulet, you will not need to eat or rest.”

Tyler removed his necklace and slid it through the eyelet of the amulet. As his fingers touched the stone, power began to course through his body. He felt like he has just awaked from a full night’s sleep. His hunger was replaced by a feeling of bliss. He slid the necklace around his neck and was overwhelmed by the sense of power that he felt. His mind was bombarded by a million different thoughts as he struggled to take control of the Orenda. Within a blink of an eye his mind had come to terms with his body and he knew how to wield the stone.

“It’s like it comes with it’s own user’s manual.” He quipped as he turned back to the Nunne’hi.
“You now have the ability to create or destroy in any way you see fit. Use it wisely.” They warned.

He closed his eyes and saw Anna sit up on her sofa. She felt his mental probe and immediately knew his intentions. Although she was sitting in a high rise in Madrid, he knew that he could reach her in a matter of seconds. He laughed aloud as he manipulated the Orenda to transform his body into light and launched himself into the night sky. Anna quickly followed suit and they met each other half way, hovering high above the Atlantic Ocean.

The amulets made them equal in every way. Power, speed and intelligence were all amplified by the power of the Orenda. They set about the other’s defeat in a flurry of movement. They darted in and around one another like hummingbirds at a feeder. They hurled fireballs and ice, brought mighty waves up to their height and summoned hurricanes to gain the upper hand. They fought a mighty battle that spanned days and even weeks. As Anna felt her power drain she slowly reclaimed the power she spent to create her mythical creatures.

It didn’t take long for the world notice them. Helicopters and airplanes flew as close as they dared to film the epic battle. The people of earth huddled around their television sets watching in awe as these mighty titans duked it out.

As the sun rose on the 29th day, Tyler’s eyes grew wide. He clutched at his chest, gasping for air as he plummeted to the churning water below. Sensing her victory was finally close. Anna swooped in for the kill. Just as she reached for his throat, Tyler’s arm sprang out and snatched the amulet from around her throat. He had only been playing possum.

She screamed in terror as she felt the power leave her body. She thrashed about in the Ocean, not sure which direction she should swim, but certain that she wouldn’t have the strength to make it to land. She screamed again as Tyler snatched her from certain doom.

“Why did you save me?” She asked once they were safely on ground.
“Because I don’t believe that you are a bad person. I believe that you just let the power get the best of you.”

Tyler returned to the sweat lodge to find the Nunne’hi waiting patiently for him.
“Take them both and hide them far from the reaches of man.” He said with a laugh as he returned both Amulets.

“As a reward for your service, you will be allowed to retain certain powers: No man made object will ever be able to pierce your skin. You will never age another day for as long as the earth turns. Your speed will equal that of the rockets that reach for the moon and your senses will be sharper than any other creature on the planet.”

“Why would you grant me such powers?”
“Because you are now tasked with being the protector of man. Use your powers well and wisely young friend.”

As he walked home, he thought of everything that had happened and he promised himself that he would do everything in his now considerable power to see to it that he never disappointed the Nunne’hi.


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